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Bern, Switzerland

Hello and welcome to PL Headquarters, Public Affairs Firm

PL Headquarters' leadership team brings a rich history of success in luxury branding, fashion, music, media distribution, brand management and public affairs industries. With its presence in Swiss Confederation and representatives in Federal Republic of Germany, Russian Federation and Canada, PL Headquarters' consumer and corporate customer base consists of more than 1500 individual accounts and businesses. Today, PL Headquarters' operating companies include Canadian Press Room (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and Luxenburg Magazine (Berlin-Mitte, Germany).
For more than 10 years, you’ve known us for our marketing and design capabilities. That's still an important part of what we do, but it’s only part of the picture. We were honoured to receive a Certificate of Appreciation for our dedication to worthy causes and willingness to share time with the Deaf Outreach Program and Ontario Association of the Deaf. PL Headquarters is the proud media partner to numerous non-for-profit organizations and first partner to government agencies.
Our role in social engagement is evolving with the support of our clients, partners and friends!
PL Headquarters - Public Affairs Firm